Thursday, October 31, 2013

Welcome to Arbor Hospice's Online Community!

As hospice clinicians and volunteers, it's amazing how often we hear phrases that begin with "I wish." I wish I heard about hospice sooner. I wish I would have asked my mom what kind of care she wanted at the end of life. I wish there was something I could do to support my family and friends as they experience the grieving process.

We have the privilege of being invited into the homes of thousands of patients and families each year. We hear their questions, concerns and experiences. We know that facing a life-limiting illness or enduring grief can be challenging. This is why we have created this blog to engage you, our community.

We want to provide support for families, friends and caregivers now and in the future. We want to show you that there is something you can do, and that you are not alone. We want others to learn about hospice services earlier and initiate important end of life conversations now, before it is too late. And most importantly, we want you to share your experiences and seek advice from others who have experienced the same thing.

The Arbor Hospice Blog is a collaboration of Arbor Hospice employees and volunteers interested in sharing their knowledge, expertise and personal experiences. Our goal is to educate and engage the community on hospice, palliative care, grief, caregiving, death and dying. We hope to build a community of individuals who are engaged in our blog.

We invite you to post questions, seek advice, comment and share your experiences. Please subscribe to our blog, share your thoughts, questions and concerns and invite your friends and family. We can all learn from each other. We envision this to be a safe, respectful place where we can provide dignity, comfort and peace while nurturing and educating the community about hospice care. We hope you will help us make this vision a reality.

Welcome to Arbor Hospice's online community!

This blog entry was written by Gloria D. Brooks, Arbor Hospice President and CEO. You can contact her by commenting below or emailing her at

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