Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Music Like No Other

The Threshold Choir is not your ordinary choir, and Arbor Hospice has the pleasure of hosting them for patients and families. This choir shares a gift of a cappella music with hospice patients at their bedsides at The Residence of Arbor Hospice and in homes throughout the area. Using soft, harmonized voices to offer peace and relaxation during a significant and challenging stage in life, the Threshold Choir touches the lives of patients and their families.

Eight choir members have become Arbor Hospice volunteers, frequently visiting The Residence. They create a serene and beautiful setting for those who are going through the end-of-life experience, bringing comfort and peace.

The Threshold Choir has more than 150 songs in its repertoire. Songs are original and generally non-religious based, written by Threshold Choir members from around the globe. No instruments are used, only the melodic sound of their voices.

Music reaches deep into the spirit of people. Research has shown that patients who are actively dying are more relaxed and have decreased anxiety with this form of music therapy. Their blood pressure, heart rate and pulse decreases, breathing becomes deeper, brain waves slow down and body tension is reduced. All of this helps to create a peaceful transition.

Arbor Hospice is grateful to the Threshold Choir members who regularly bring the gift of music to our patients.

If you were nearing the end of your life, what kind of music would you want to hear?

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