Thursday, August 28, 2014

Considerations at the End of Life

Following a death, there are many things that must be done by family members or representatives of the deceased. These can be difficult times for everyone involved, and many issues may be more easily dealt with before the end of life. These issues may include decisions about:

  • Funeral home
  • Cemetery or funeral service
  • Monument
  • Casket or urn selection
  • Vault selection
  • Clothing for viewing of the deceased
  • Information for the obituary
  • Music, prayers and/or speakers for the memorial or funeral service
By contacting a funeral home in advance, useful information and assistance may be obtained. In addition, pre-planning and signing necessary papers prior to death may qualify families lower rates for services provided by the funeral home.

After your loved one passes, phone calls to various agencies, organizations and personal services may also be necessary. Some agencies may need to know the date of the death. In most cases, the funeral home will provide you with needed documentation, such as a death certificate, for these agencies.

Calls that may need to be made following the death of your loved one include:
  • Your faith system, such as a minister, rabbi, spiritual advisor
  • Insurance agent, such as life, health, disability
  • Unions and fraternal organizations
  • Attorney
  • Accountant
  • Executor of the estate
  • Government offices, including Social Security and Internal Revenue Service
  • Pension plans
  • Veterans Administration
  • Bank, investment companies, mortgage companies
  • Title on all real estate property may have to be changed. If applicable, application for widowed person exemption as well as homestead and disability exemptions may be completed.
One of the many roles of the Arbor Hospice Care Team is to help patients and families with these tasks. If you have questions, feel free to contact your team.

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